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"Rebel Smokers Are An Innovatively Engineered BBQ Smoker"

For The Age Old Art Of BBQ At Home Or for Competition

The Rebel Line

Rebel Smokers is the revolution in BBQ Smokers and BBQ Smoker technology. Offering a full line of BBQ Smokers fit for competition or for the back yard BBQ. No matter what level you will be drawn to the quality, functionality, dynamic engineering. and pure beauty of the Rebel Smoker.

Custom Trickle Feed Smokers

Rebel Smokers has built a line of insulated trickle-feed smokers, grills,  and reverse flow trickle feed smokers. Rebel has adapted the wants and needs of BBQ competitors around the nation, into high quality award winning equipment. All of our Smokers have been industry tested and won many major awards in BBQ competitions. We utilize gravity to assist charcoal usage to extend burn times, and use less charcoal. Check out our full line of smokers here.

Exceptional Quality

Drip pan/heat deflector has been designed to catch all drippings and evenly distribute smoke and heat throughout cook chamber.

Multi Media Bar

Rebel 32 Reverse Flow

Rebel 32 Reverse Flow

Rebel 28 Smoker

Rebel 28 Smoker

Rebel 23 Smoker

Rebel 23 Smoker

Pit Master IQ

Authorized reseller of the PitMaster IQ,  Simpler and lower cost than the competitors!...

Rebel 17 Smoker

Rebel 17 Smoker

Rebel Smoker/Grill

Rebel Grill and Smoker

Rebel BBQ Smoker Award Winning


The Rebel Full Line of BBQ Smokers

Rebel Smokers is the revolution in BBQ Smokers and BBQ Smoker technology. Offering a full...